Viewers will no doubt be drawn to the experimental nature of Kathy's work.  Each painting can be viewed as an exploration of color, texture, and mood.  A striking sense of discovery is conveyed throughout her body of work. ~ Informed Collector, June 2017




I begin with an idea, then it becomes something else. ~ Picasso

Kathy Morawiec has lived all over the United States while her husband served in the military.  The two have settled in southern Oregon, Klamath Falls.  She is inspired by the beauty of the mountains right outside her window, yet cherishes memories of the wheat fields of Oklahoma where she spent her childhood and the desserts of Arizona where she was fortunate to have lived on two occasions.  “Everywhere I have lived has taught me to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings and local culture.”

Trained in interior design, Kathy Morawiec uses her extensive knowledge of color, texture and mood to create vibrant scenes on canvas.  Painting came to her later in life one dark blustery day in April.  Feeling desperate for a creative outlet, she shopped the local craft store and bought a tiny beginner acrylic paint set and a 3 stack of canvases on sale.  While blending colors together, she fell in love with the fluid, creamy texture of the paint and limitless array of colors.  Each of her paintings is an experiment in color, movement, freedom, expression and rhythm.

Along with gallery representation and solo shows in Southern Oregon, Kathy has also gained recognition with Bold Brush Art Competition where her painting "Vineyard" won Outstanding Abstract in May 2015.  She also was named "Oregon Artist of the Year" in 2017 by TOSCA magazine.  Her paintings have been sold to collectors across the United States and internationally.  She's currently under contract with two different art representatives who have sold prints of her work to big box stores such as At Home, HomeGoods and Bed Bath and Beyond. 


"My approach to painting has changed over the years in that I come to the canvas with a plan or vision.  However, I've learned that my plans really don't mean a lot.  The best paintings take me wherever it wants.  If I'm in the flow and just along for the ride, it's a wonderful feeling and usually results in good work.  That moment when all thoughts stop, the brush takes over and the magic happens is the process that makes this form of creating beauty such a fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor.” 





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BLOOM - featured artist at Art and Soul Gallery Ashland June 2019


TOSCA Fall Issue 2017

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BoldBrush Painting Competition

BoldBrush Painting Competition Outstanding Abstract, "Vineyard" May 2015




Informed Collector July 9, 2015 Issue

Passages, Travels, and Transformations:
2015 Annual Members’ Exhibition

November 20 – December 18, 2015