Big Idea

So here's the BIG idea...

That one flutter of a butterfly wing...

Could (one little artist from a small town, in a small studio) reach people and spready beauty and joy worldwide through art?

BIG question...

BIG idea...

Why not paint a series of butterflies and title each piece with the most important word in the world?


in all languages.

Then I got to many languages are there?


I wanted to do something BIG, but 7139 paintings is a bit of an overreach! 

So I'm going to start with the top 100 most common languages and see what happens...the true test of the Butterfly Chaos Theory...spreading my wings.


Because it makes me stop and ponder the love words Dashuria or Amore or Zola.  Across the world at this very moment, someone is whispering these sweet words to

calm a child,
or charm a lover,
say goodbye to a friend.

The most important word in any language has to be love.  And all 7139 have it!  Just the process of writing the word, even though I can't read or understand the language, brings a human element to the task and helps me to feel more compassionate and contemplative towards all people.

That's a good thing.

This series has become so special to me because of this one BIG idea!  I'm anxious to set it free and see where it flits and flies and lands.  Spreading positivity and beauty the only way I... me... can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this...if you've made it this far, you might want to follow along on this crazy BIG venture.

I'd LOVE that!